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Our plan is designed to assist the family or single household members who need a helping hand around the house and don’t know who to turn to.  Each month we come to your home with our checklist of items we routinely perform. 
However, some of our clients like to provide a list of additional tasks.  Our 45 minute visit will help you accomplish jobs you may not be able to do or simply don’t have time to do.
45 minutes for $45
You can have peace of mind!!
  Below is a list of a few services included in our plan:

**Tasks  -Change light bulbs and batteries
              -Check smoke detectors and fire extinguishers
              -Retrieve/ Move items in the attic or basement
              -Clean hard to reach spaces
              -Minor computer, cell phone, and TV diagnostics as well as other household electronics

              -Haul unwanted items to your curb
              -Projects you wish you had help with

sample checklist...
DixieLand Home Services LLC
Name  ________________________________________________

Address  ______________________________________________

Home Phone  ________________   Cell Phone  _______________

Email  ________________________________________________




Maintenance Check List:

___ Computer, TV, phone issues               ___ Tighten doors, locks, & hinges

___ Test smoke detectors/                         

       Check fire extinguishers                     ___  Seasonal items stored/retrieved

(change batteries every 6 months) 

___ Clean/deodorize trash cans                  ___  Move items from attic/basement

(every 2 months)

___ Change light bulbs inside and out         ___ Haul unwanted items to curb

___ Clean hard to reach places

____________________________           ______________________________

____________________________           ______________________________

____________________________           ______________________________

____________________________           ______________________________

____________________________           ______________________________

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